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Download Save Game Ford Racing 3 WORK

Unzip the file (retaining the directory structure) and upload the contents to a directory with the installed game, overwriting the existing files (if you do not want to lose the existing save ' that is sure to make yourself a copy).

Download Save Game Ford Racing 3

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Ford Racing 2 is a 2003 racing video game developed by Razorworks and published by Empire Interactive and Gotham Games.[2][3] The game was released for Windows, Macintosh, PlayStation 2 (PS2), and Xbox. It is the sequel to Ford Racing (2000), and is the second game in the Ford Racing series.

Ford Racing 2 features two game modes: the Ford Challenge and the Ford Collection. The Ford Challenge contains approximately 30 challenges for the player, including head-to-head racing and time-limit racing. The Ford Collection allows the player to create customisable challenges. The player progresses through the Ford Challenge by winning races, which also unlocks new items and locations for the Ford Collection.[4][5]

Tyler Winegarner of GameSpot reviewed the Xbox version and wrote that aside from graphical issues, "the biggest problem that prevents Ford Racing 2 from being totally recommendable involves the amount of time you're able to spend with it. If you aren't a stranger to racing games, you'll be able to breeze through most races on your first try on the standard difficulty setting. However, there are so few races that you can finish the game in a dedicated afternoon sitting."[6] Gord Goble of GameSpot reviewed the PC version and wrote that while it had a large number of challenges and vehicles, "the game is plagued by dated physics and a sense that you've already seen the same thing--only better. If it were released a few years prior, just as Electronic Arts' Need for Speed was finding its footing, Ford Racing 2 would have fared a lot better."[4]

Ed Lewis of IGN reviewed the PS2 and Xbox versions. Lewis criticised the music and sound effects, and wrote that when the game "finally does get its groove on, it has a few moments of some mildly exciting racing, but these were far and few between. The arcadey physics and simple tracks make for a pretty bland experience."[14][8] X-Play praised the sound effects and car designs of the Xbox version, and stated that it "doesn't have nearly the depth or visual prowess of the bigger name racing titles, but it succeeds by offering a variety of car types and combining true racing physics with a pick-up-and-play accessibility for the casual fan."[3]

PC Gamer wrote: "Many of the game's varied track environments are on par with those in A-list arcade racers."[17] Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine called the game, "surprisingly playable",[15] while Xbox Nation Magazine called the game as "heartily mediocre".[20] Mike Salmon of Official Xbox Magazine criticised the controls, but noted that the game "looks surprisingly good".[2] Australia's Official Xbox Magazine wrote about the game: "Aimed at casual gamers after cheap racing fun, but it's very predictable."[16]

Michael Miller of Inside Mac Games reviewed the Macintosh version. Miller praised the faithful vehicle recreations and variety of racing modes, but he criticised the controls and found the interface to be confusing.[18] Peter Cohen of Macworld enjoyed the game, but opined that players looking for a realistic driving experience would likely be disappointed by it.[19]

UPDATE: THIS HACK WILL NO LONGER WORK. It seems that Firemonkeys had limited the number of devices to have the copy of the game save to 5, so who had the other 4 game saves are very lucky indeed. Just turn off the internet to avoid detection from Firemonkeys, or wait for a .plist file hack in another post from me.

Edit: Yes it does works,here's few screenshots...oh,and umm...there's also consequences that I've gotten myself into. Let me add few more things about this. About the Interpol thingy, I don't know but the game is laggy as fk either in-game or menu,etc. It's probably due to loads of 'res'.(this could be my mistake tho). Now to the most interesting thing about this is that you have no idea what to do in the game....with everything to 100% and won 1st place, what else can you do? To me the multiplayer is BS and I only play story mode. So yeah, now Im just going to reinstall the game and when the time comes, restore back my cloud save.

Nah, you can see,I'm rocking an A9 chip in my 6S Plus But yeah like I said,it was probably my mistake because I think I overload the game file while restoring it. Ahh...I'm on 9.2.0 so no JB for me yet. But hey,might be a little bit too much to ask but is it possible if you make another one on a pretty new save with just 15-20K gold and around 40-50 mil r$? That should be perfect and have much more chance of preventing EA detector to be triggered.

4. Now you need to find the folder with Ford Racing 3 executable. In the example picture they are located in Binaries / Retail subfolder. You need to extract downloaded x360ce ZIP file to folder with your game executable file.


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