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Buy Guns Online Colorado

The internet has made it increasingly easy for dangerous people to take advantage of the private sale loophole by arranging gun sales with unlicensed sellers in online chatrooms, social media sites, auctions, and classified ad platforms. Predictably, the online market has become an attractive source of weapons for people who could not pass a background check at a gun store.

buy guns online colorado

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Federal law does provide some important, straightforward limitations on the sale or transfer of guns across state lines, making it more difficult for a prohibited person in a state with strong guns laws to buy guns online from sellers in states with weaker gun laws. Importantly, federal law generally requires people to conduct interstate gun sales or transfers through licensed gun dealers, who are required to conduct background checks and maintain a record of the sale.

As discussed below, these limitations, along with federal and state background check laws, also govern whether gun sales ordered or arranged online are subject to background checks, sale records, and other requirements.

Under federal law, anyone who does not have a federal gun dealer license, or other Federal Firearms License (FFL), is generally prohibited from acquiring a handgun directly from a seller or transferor who resides in a different state.3 This means that people generally cannot obtain handguns out of state and then transport them into their state of residence, and cannot otherwise receive a handgun from an out-of-state seller or transferor without the assistance of a licensed dealer in their home state.

Federal law places somewhat looser restrictions on the sale or transfer of long guns like rifles and shotguns across state lines. Under federal law, individuals can lawfully obtain a long gun from a seller or transferor in another state, provided that:

However, federal law does not extend these requirements to unlicensed sellers. This means that a person can acquire a gun online from an unlicensed seller who resides in the same state without any background check or sale record required, unless the buyer and seller reside in a state that has closed this dangerous loophole by requiring background checks on all gun sales. In some cases, the buyer could have the gun mailed directly to his or her door. (The US Postal Service, for instance, will mail unloaded long guns between individuals who are mailing the guns within the same state).12

Twenty-one states and Washington DC have at least partially closed the background check loophole, meaning that residents of these states are required to pass a background check and/or obtain a permit in order to buy at least some types of guns from unlicensed sellers, including people arranging gun sales online. These laws are discussed more fully in our page on Universal Background Checks.

Coloradans who purchase handguns may not carry them concealed unless they also get a CCW (carrying concealed weapons) permit. In order to receive a CCW permit in Colorado, the handgun user must meet all the requirements listed above to buy a gun in addition to the following:

Note that people who carry concealed handguns must carry their CCW permit as well as a photo ID with them. People who fail to produce either if an officer demands to see them can get cited with a petty offense, carrying:

In light of recent gun violence and mass shootings, the Biden Administration has signaled through executive actions that it will be cracking down on ghost guns. In the near future, gun parts and kits may be treated as firearms with their own serial numbers. And people may need to pass a background check to purchase them.10

Partly as a response to the King Sooper mass shooting in Boulder in 2021, Colorado law now requires people to responsibly and securely store guns not in use in order to prevent access by unsupervised juveniles and other unauthorized users. Unlawful storage of a firearm is a class 2 misdemeanor, punishable by

Another option for receiving firearm training is to enroll in a firearm school. By doing a search online, consumers can see what firearm schools are close to the area where they live. A reputable school will have NRA certified instructors who have completed instructor courses and are qualified to teach firearm use and safety. Firearm safety is of paramount importance in firearm training. A good firearm school should also offer a money-back guarantee for the services they provide. This ensures consumers get the most from their training investment.

Purchasing a used firearm is a risk in itself, especially when buying from an unknown source. Before making an expensive investment, buyers should research and verify the legitimacy of the seller. In addition to private sellers, gun buyers have their choice of various options for purchasing used firearms in Denver. These options include online marketplaces, gun shops, gun shows and local pawn shops.

To get the most from their investment, buyers should limit their options to reputable marketplaces known for providing quality services and products. Buyers can peruse customer reviews online to get a better idea of how people view the business and what it has to offer. As buyers have no way of inspecting their product first-hand, working with a trustworthy site makes all the difference in the world when purchasing a gun online.

Brick and mortar gun shops offer a viable alternative to online buying for people who prefer a first-hand view of their prospective merchandise. Buyers may find it helpful to research gun options online and compare prices before visiting a local gun shop to buy. This gives them a better idea of what to look for and expect from their choice of firearm.

Buying used guns in Denver can save gun owners a considerable amount of money. However, it is important to know how to clean and maintain such a gun so that it works properly when needed. Following are some basic tips that apply regardless of the make, model or type of gun purchased.

It is extremely important to make sure the firearm is completely unloaded before attempting to clean it. Point the muzzle in a safe direction and, in all cases, check the chamber of rifles, handguns and shotguns to insure they are free of ammunition.

Certain parts of long guns and handguns need to be lubed periodically in order to work properly. Gun owners should consult the gun manual to clarify which parts need to be cleaned and lubed. Before storing the gun it should be wiped down to remove excess lubricant.

Used guns in Denver can last for years to come when properly cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. To avoid accidents, gun maintenance and cleaning should be done when no children are around. Gun owners should also check and double-check that the firearm is not loaded before beginning their cleaning session. Once cleaning has been completed, guns should be stored in a secure, dust free location for safekeeping when not in use. By taking good care of their firearm, gun owners can maintain their weapon in good condition for the duration.

1. Decide how your handgun will be used. Handguns serve various purposes to include personal or home self-defense, sport and competitive shooting. When it comes to self-defense, certain models are more practical for carrying as a concealed weapon. For competition shooting, you may need a firearm with advanced features to enhance accuracy. Once you identity the purpose of your weapon, you can narrow your choices.

2. Shop around for good deals. When purchasing a handgun, you have a choice of buying a new product or getting it used. Naturally, used guns in Denver will be cheaper. However, you may forfeit quality in the process. New gun buyers should stick with new firearms that come with valid warranties to back them up.

Researching gun prices online will give you a better idea of what to pay when you go to the gun shop. You can find new and used firearm prices on such websites as or GunWatcher for all handgun makes and models. By comparing online prices with those at gun shops, you can take advantage of good deals.

3. Work with a reputable dealer and choose wisely. Guns are not commodities that you buy to look cool or show off the latest style. Test fire various handguns before choosing and go with a reputable name brand product you feel comfortable with and confident in handling.

When choosing a gun, keep in mind the purpose for which you plan to use it. Some firearms are more conducive for home protection than others due to being compact and easy to handle. When it comes to handguns, a 9 mm, 40 or 45 would fit into this category. On the flip side, a 12-gauge shotgun can also serve as an effective home defense weapon.

Buying a new gun can be expensive, and while many have no trouble affording a more sophisticated new gun, others are on a tighter budget and find themselves looking for used guns in Denver that will meet their needs for less money.

At Green Mountain Guns we have a generous inventory of new guns and ammunition, but we also maintain a good selection of used merchandise as well that can still serve as an effective introduction to gun ownership. But those who do choose to buy a used gun rather than a new one can benefit a lot from picking the brains of people who have plenty of experience and a strong knowledge of used firearms in Denver. This is a responsibility that we take very seriously, and we take strong precautions when we obtain used guns from people who are choosing to no longer use their gun for one reason or another, and we work with the owner to make sure the gun is safe and in working order before we agree to sell it.

Although there is no official count on record, it is estimated that at least 300 million guns are owned by United States civilians. In the year 2012, the FBI performed more than 19 million National Instant Criminal Background Checks (NICS) performed for those attempting to purchase a firearm. More currently, the number of NICS checks, which are considered the barometer of U. S. gun sales, showed a total of 2.33 million were performed in January and February 2015. This was 4% higher than the level achieved during the same time period in 2014, and were 7% above the total number of NICS checks during the first two month of 2012. 041b061a72


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