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This clinical practice guideline provides overarching voluntary recommendations on the use of opioids to manage pain. To assist in the uptake and understanding of this new clinical practice guideline, CDC will provide tools and resources for clinicians, health systems, patients, and others on the use of opioid and nonopioid pain treatments. The uptake and widespread use of the 2016 CDC Opioid Prescribing Guideline hinged on its successful dissemination, and CDC supported its translation and integration in clinical practice. CDC produced a checklist and mobile app so clinicians could more readily apply guideline recommendations; developed fact sheets, posters, and public service announcements to make the guideline more accessible and understandable to clinicians and patients; and developed a 14-module interactive, web-based training with self-paced learning, case-based content, knowledge checks, and integrated resources for clinicians (57). Updated and new resources and tools will align with this new clinical practice guideline and will support health equity.

Ak Interactive Faq 2 Pdf 95


There are few studies on the hyperuricemia (HUA) and moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity (PA) and also hardly regarding sitting time (ST). The purpose of this study was to examine the independent and interactive association of PA and ST with HUA.

Although pervious studies have found there was a negative association between PA and prevalence of HUA [1, 13], little is known about its independent effect on HUA according to multiples of the basal metabolic rate. Moreover, the relationship of ST with HUA also remains unclear. Only a recent study conducted in Korean found that regular PA and reduced sedentary time might reduce the prevalence of HUA [14]. However, the interactive effect of PA and ST on health has not been reported, which is important for the development of guidelines in recent years [15]. Whether PA can offset the adverse effect of ST still needs to be elucidated. In addition, there is a high prevalence of physical inactivity and sedentary behavior [16] as well as prevalent HUA in Chinese rural areas [17]. Given these, it is necessary to conduct this study to examine the independent association of PA and ST with serum uric acid level and HUA in rural Chinese population, and further to estimate the interaction effect of PA and ST on HUA.


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